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Line Separator

Line Separator

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What can you do with our 'Line Separator' section?

Insert a line separator anywhere on your Shopify website. Choose line thickness, color, spacing & much more!

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Features built into "Line Separator"

 Add a simple, yet beautiful line separator anywhere to your website
 Increase line thickness, with different options to make them look different on both mobile & desktop
 Change the color of every individual line separator you use
 Beautifully responsive on both mobile & desktop
 Hide section on mobile or desktop viewers
 Adjust background color, colors & much more

Compatible themes

While our custom sections should be compatible with every Shopify-approved theme, it has been tested and works flawlessly with the following 2.0 themes:

- Dawn, Sense, Ride, Refresh, Taste, Studio, Origin, Crave, Craft, Publisher & Color Block

If this section doesn't look right on your theme, contact us and we will get it fixed ASAP!

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That's it!

It's a nice and simple line separator to help you keep content on your website nice & organized. You can customize the color, line width, length & much more. You can also make it go from edge to edge of your screen. Make it your own & match your websites look and feel!

Here are a few more examples:


See how to customize "Line Separator"

And check out all of the different customizations, features & options built into the Line Separator section.

Pay for it once. Use it forever. 💸

We charge a one time fee for access to each of our custom sections. Simply specify the website you're planning on using it for at checkout, copy & paste our liquid code onto your new store and start customizing. No ongoing subscriptions ever again!

  • 1. Choose your sections ✅

    Browse all of our available sections and choose which ones you'd like to add to your Shopify website.

  • 2. Copy & paste our code 🔓

    Don't worry - it's super easy using our PDF guides or videos. If you want help, our team can also do it for you!

  • 3. Start customizing 🎨

    Pair text with an image to focus on your chosen product, collection, or blog post. Add details on availability, style, or even provide a review.

What are the FAQs?

Will your sections work with my theme?

We build our sections to be compatible with all Shopify-approved themes. Or, in other words, themes that are available on Shopify's theme store.

That said, it's not possible for us to test every single theme ourselves.
They have been tested and guaranteed to work on all of the following themes:

- Dawn, Sense, Ride, Refresh, Taste, Studio, Origin, Crave, Craft, Publisher & Color Block (this list will be updated as we test it on more themes).

If you got your theme through Shopify's theme store and one of our sections doesn't seem to be working correctly, please contact us. We'll send a collaborator request to your store to get it fixed, while simultaneously using the opportunity to assure compatibility on yet another theme.

Unfortunately, at this time we cannot guarantee compatibility with third party themes, such as those purchased from a marketplace like ThemeForest.

Do I need to know how to code in order to use your sections?

Not at all! While installing your new section does require you to deal with a little bit of code, our step-by step instructions make it super simple to follow and understand.

Your purchase will include a PDF specific to the section you purchased. You can also watch a video on how to install your new code right here.

If you still don't feel comfortable playing with the code yourself, you can purchase the Installation Add On and our team will install this code on your website for you.

How do I install your section onto my Shopify store?

Once you've purchased the section you'd like, you'll receive a digital download that includes installation
instructions and the code that you need to insert into your store's
code. This isn't as scary as it sounds, and can usually be done within 5 minutes.

You can see how it's done here, or you can purchase our Installation Add On if you'd rather not mess around with any code.

What if your section doesn't work with my theme?

You can find a list of compatible themes listed on every single product page. However, we are on a mission to make our sections compatible with every Shopify-approved theme, meaning every theme that Shopify sells in their theme store.

If you purchased your theme through the theme store and one of our sections doesn't seem to be working correctly, you can contact us and one of our developers will make sure to get it working correctly.

What is your refund policy?

Because digital products are deemed "used" after they have been downloaded, we do not grant refund requests of any kind after your initial purchase.

Having said that, your satisfaction is our top priority! We will do everything in our power to ensure that your purchase meets your needs.

All digital items for sale on our website are designed to work with Shopify 2.0 compatible themes. It is your responsibility to check and make sure that the theme you are using is a Shopify 2.0 compatible theme. Purchasing a digital item from us for non-compatible themes does not justify a refund. For a full list of the themes that each item has been tested on, please check the "Compatible Themes" tab on that item's product page.

IMPORTANT: There are thousands of Shopify 2.0 compatible themes and there is no way for us to check them all. Just because your theme isn't listed doesn't mean that it won't work! It simply means that we haven't tested it yet. We encourage you to notify us once you've installed the item on your store and have verified that it is working well. We will add it to the list of compatible themes for the digital item that you have purchased.

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